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What to look for in a music studio…

Sure, it’s no secret music lessons cost an arm and a leg. Here are what you should look
for and pay for in a music establishment. The person teaching your child should have a
music degree. There are many types of music degrees. There is a music education,
music admin, and music performance degrees. If you are looking for someone to teach
you how to play an instrument, your best bet is a teacher with a performance degree. A
person cannot teach what they cannot execute themselves.

You should look for what schools they have attended, because there are many top tier
music schools that are very hard to get into if you are a performance major. In order to be
accepted to these schools requires passing a grueling entrance audition, each grade level
recital, and graduating from these schools gives you the right and worth to command
these prices in order for students to learn their craft.

Because music lessons are expensive and people do not realize what to look for, I see
more business people taking advantage of the situation in the name of “music”, where
unqualified business men/women will hire qualified musicians/teachers, pay fraction of
the tuition, and conduct really business centers rather than dedicated music or art centers.
It truly is a fine line between business and art.

Don’t make it just a weekly ritual, see how your child is learning, whether you can see
the progress at every recital. Good music teachers teach them how to practice, have
command of a huge repertoire, because they themselves have done it, took time and effort
most likely their whole life to master it, and you should be able to see and hear it in their
own playing.