From Stephanie’s Corner…(Which instrument?)

Here are few tips if you are wondering what instrument you or your child should sign up for.  When determining what instrument you would like to begin your musical journey with, keep in mind your hearing/listening ability plays a big role.  Regardless if you have a perfect pitch, relative pitch, or you are tone deaf, your journey should and will begin with ear training. 

If you can recognize and create a musical note from the thin air, you have a perfect sense of pitch or a very good relative pitch, then you should opt for voice or string instrument lessons.  If you need ear training, if you need to rely heavily on a relative pitch in order to recognize a musical sound, then I suggest playing the piano for awhile, begin learning comprehensive musicianship on a keyboard/piano until your ears are well trained rather than opting for instrument such as a violin or cello where it is entirely up to you to create a sound from scratch without help of any reference or frets, etc.  Piano is a wonderful basic building instrument which will help you branch out and apprehend other instruments of your choice. 

Music Corner in West Raleigh is well situated off of Avent Ferry Road on the border of Cary/Raleigh.  We are very close to Combs Elementary, Athens Drive HS, and NC State U.  We are a home studio who welcome students including homeschoolers of all ages and levels.  We offer individual piano, violin, viola, cello, and voice lessons and group string lessons.  We are open from 9 am to 8 pm daily.  All are welcome, let’s make some music!