Vlog, New Year’s Day, 2024

A fella’s will….

You have to have a pretty strong will to study an instrument, because of how long
it takes, and how difficult it is to master any given instrument. The journey in itself is what makes it interesting.  No instruction, schooling, teacher, nor equipment can outdo or surpass one’s will and passion when it comes to music.  It is very much a struggle within yourself to understand yourself. In this journey comparing oneself to another is a pure
waste of time.

When you begin your studies, it takes awhile for you to find a groove, a routine, a
practice habit.  It comes after much trial and error. I don’t always love practicing;
however, at times, I cannot imagine better things to do with my time. I remind
myself if this is not a struggle, I would be bored. Practicing is very therapeutic and
organic alone time to yourself to find your creativity, a time well spent.

“Talent” is a very peculiar word, some people have “advantages” I would say.
Encountering numerous people, musicians, and students, I seldom come across
pure “talent”, don’t even know what is;  however, often I do come
across pure will and self control, and that brings success. Effort,
perseverance, courage to mess up and get up, like in all things is what will make
you come close, and you have your whole life to do it. Pick up your instrument, try
again, and don’t forget to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

from Stephanie’s Corner